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Nickelodeon RPF
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nickelodeon real person fiction
guess who has two thumbs and has never modded a comm before?

(daddy would like to add that she is similarly new at this!)

that being said...
we expect you all to play nice. be mature. due to the innately... hyphey nature of our material, it needs to be understood that none of this is proven fact, as much as we enjoy the longing glances and flirtatious tweets, and this is an understanding that will be maintained, when it comes down to the line. we're all for a bit of fun -- we've stayed up just as long as the rest, agonizing over interviews and losing sleep over interlopers -- but let's please retain some sense of dignity about us? there will be no death threats, hate messages, personal posts, ship bashing, spam, etc. you guys know the drill. if in doubt, just ask!

so what can we post?
just about anything your little hearts desire: fics, graphics, interviews, pic spams, fsts, discussion questions, that tweet that simply can't be explained with anything other than secret boyfriends, whatever! go ahead and invite the Disney kids. go find that three-week girlfriend Mr. So-And-So had and now Miss This-And-That is dating, and report back with your find. go crazy. just keep it relevant to what we're here for: nickelodeon (and through extension, all of tweendom) rpf. we love all of the corresponding fandoms dearly, but there are separate comms for in-universe fanwork. we're here to play in an even bigger sandbox. we are here to play with the world's sexiest dollhouse, and don't you forget it.

all fanworks are to be clearly labeled and tagged, including a title (even if it's just untitled), a creator, a rating, a summary/description, and any warnings. for now, we'll leave locking entries to the poster's discretion, though if you want to put in your two cents regarding that decision, you can leave your vote and/or comment here. we'll also be building up tags for everyone, but please be patient while I work out some of the kinks, yes? thank you so much for everything, guys! have fun!

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